Monday, June 29, 2015

June 2015 Purchases

Now that summer is officially here, summer clothes and beachwear have been on my mind. Last month I started thinking about pieces I would like to add to my wardrobe this season, and that culminated in my summer 2015 wishlist. This month I was able to snag a few items on that list, including a small cognac bag, comfy sneakers (two pairs!), and half of a black bikini. Speaking of bikinis, does anyone else hate trying on swimsuits? I feel like it brings out all of my inner insecurities. I was really lucky that I found three pieces that were flattering and affordable so painlessly. Usually it's such an ordeal. Anyway, here's what I added to my wardrobe this month.

June 2015 Purchases

Old Navy floral string bikini top (peri berry print S) - I don't usually like string bikini tops, because they offer zero support, have little coverage, and the triangle panels tend to shift around so that I'm constantly worried about accidental flashing. However, they do tend to be quite cheap and offer a high level of adjustability. This top impressed me with how well it stayed in place. Totally passed my jump-up-and-down test. Maybe the double string halter ties help with that? Still not that much support, so I wouldn't recommend it for larger busts, but I'm only a 32C. I like the tassels too. Originally $22.94. Paid $9 + 6% off ebates = $8.46.

Old Navy floral string bikini bottom (peri berry print XS) - I like string bottoms, because you can tie them as tightly as you need. Since I have pretty slim hips, most XS bottoms are still a bit loose, and I don't want them coming off when I get into/out of the water. These were perfect once I adjusted the tassel ties. Some people don't like the tassels, but you can always cut those off. Personally I'm fine with them, because they help visually balance out my figure. Originally $19.94. Paid $8 + 6% off ebates = $7.52.

Mossimo strappy halter bikini top (black S) - I like this top even better than the string bikini. It's extremely flattering, quite supportive, is fully adjustable, and offers a decent amount of coverage. The only problem is that the matching bottom is sold out in XS, so now I need to look around for other black bottoms. You would think that's easy enough, but so far I haven't found any that matched the style and fit tightly enough that they won't fall off in the water. Originally $17.99. Paid $16.

Vans for J.Crew classic slip-on sneakers in metallic (silver 4.5/6) - So this was totally an impulse purchase. I was walking through the sale section at J.Crew this past weekend, and the only thing that caught my eye was these silver slip-on Vans. I really like the way they look, and I think they would pair well with jeans and shorts for those casual days. Originally $60. Paid $49.99 + 50% off in-store + 15% off student discount = $21.25.

Everlane cotton heather v (heather grey XS) - Last month I purchased my first Everlane cotton tee. It got stained the first day I wore it, but luckily I was able to get the stain out after two washes. I really like the fit, but the white color is still a little sheer in my opinion. So the logical solution is to pick up a tee in heather grey. This one isn't sheer at all, but it seems to run a hair larger than the white one. No problem, I'll just shrink it once in the dryer. Originally $18. Paid $18.

Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC (almond) - In the course of going through my bag collection, I realized that I didn't already own a small cognac purse. I decided to rectify this oversight by picking up one of my favorite Rebecca Minkoff styles, the popular mini MAC. I really like the gold hardware, and the leather is so supple! The only thing that could make this little bag even better is if there were more interior organizer pockets. Clearly that doesn't bother me though, because I've been wearing it nonstop ever since I got it. Originally $195. Paid $119.76 - $50 birthday gift card - $37.57 rewards = $32.19.

Everlane tee, J.Crew maxi skirt, Sam Edelman sandals, Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC

Nike vintage collection Air Pegasus '83 sneakers (black 6M) - Retro sneakers have been everywhere on the blogosphere lately, and I'm all for it. I bought my pair from J.Crew (occasional popbacks), but this style is also available on other websites. Originally $80. Paid $80 + 30% off (doh forgot ebates!) = $56.

Kendra Scott Rayne tassel necklace (turquoise) - My Kendra Scott jewelry collection is growing! I've been looking for a pendant necklace and saw that Nordstrom was price matching this one (with Lord & Taylor, I think?). I bought it in turquoise, because it's such a pretty pop of color against neutrals, which is what I mostly wear, plus then I can match my turquoise Kendra Scott Elle earrings. Originally $80. Paid $64 + 3% off ebates = $62.08.

Kendra Scott Kylie drusy ring (rhodium platinum drusy 5) - I went through a gold jewelry phase for a while, so most of the rings I own are gold-toned. However, my engagement ring is silver-toned. I used to be okay with wearing both colors on my hands at the same time, but now it somehow feels wrong. I decided to pick up this ring to add to my silver jewelry collection, plus it's sooo glittery. In case you didn't know, glitter is my kryptonite. Originally $65. Paid $32.49 + 3% off ebates = $31.52.

So the total for this month comes to...
RETAIL: $558.87
SPENT: $253.02 (45.3% of MSRP)

My goal for the year is to spend less than $3000, which translates roughly to $250 per month. Right now I'm at $3000 - $327.20 for 2015Q1 - $299.57 for April - $248.88 for May - $253.02 for June = $1871.33, which translates to an average of $311.89 per month for the next 6 months.

I think I went overboard with the accessories this time around, although I do love everything. Next month I want to focus on getting the perfect denim jacket and casual everyday dress.

As always, I'm linking up with Franish and the other Budgeting Bloggers!

How did you do on your budget this month?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Summer 2015 Wishlist

You may have noticed by now that I've been posting much less often these past few months (on the order of 2 posts a month). I feel that I owe you a bit of an explanation. The short answer is that I've been really busy with life lately. Busy in a good way. It's the first time in a while that I don't feel stressed or dissatisfied. The long answer... well it's a long story. Maybe I'll talk about it in a future post.

One thing about being so busy is that I haven't had time to go in store and try things on in person. Hence, why I haven't written any review posts lately. I'm still shopping, just online. It's kind of a hassle to have to deal with returns every other month, but until things get less busy around here, I don't see how I can avoid it (unless I stop shopping completely).

Anyway, I've been wanting to focus my shopping a bit more now, especially after reading Fran's tips on how to build a cohesive wardrobe. I've already been mostly buying neutrals, but I'm still noticing gaps in my wardrobe. Here are some items on my wishlist that I'd love to own this summer. Of course I'm not expecting to find the one for all of them, but I can at least try. Also, if anyone has recommendations for any of these items, please let me know!

My Summer 2015 Wishlist

1. A cognac bag
Somehow I don't have a small cognac bag in my embarrassingly large collection. I'm really excited about this one that I ordered from Amazon using my birthday gift cards.

2. Cognac flats
Similarly I have multiple pairs of black flats and yet no cognac ones. I'm not sure why. Anyway I like this pair from Banana Republic.

3. Comfy sneakers
I never wear heels, but flats with their lack of padding and arch support are wrecking havoc on my feet. Comfy stylish sneakers are just the thing for those days when I want to give them a rest. I think I'm going to keep this Nike pair that I bought on sale.

4. Nude underwear
Now that I own more white clothing (this tee and these jeans), it's time to invest in more nude underwear. I actually hate shopping for undergarments, so I've been avoiding it this whole time. I really need better seamless bras as well as nude seamless panties.

5. The perfect denim jacket
I want something classic that doesn't make me feel like a trucker, is soft, neither too light nor too dark wash, and in a length that goes well with both pants and dresses. A possible contender is this jacket from J.Crew that I tried on a while back. It might be slightly too cropped to wear with pants though.

6. An easy breezy dress
I used to have a casual striped shift dress that I wore all the time, but now it's all pilly and unserviceable. Since then, I haven't really worn dresses much. All of the other dresses in my closet are earmarked for weddings and/or special occasions. It gets so hot here during the summer that a lightweight casual dress would be just the thing to throw on. Bonus: also doubles as a cover up if you go to the beach.

7. A long pendant necklace
Because I wear so many plain tops, a necklace like this would go with everything. Originally I wanted to look for it on Ebay or while thrifting, but I never saw anything I liked. I'm currently debating between this style and this one. Which do you like better?

8. The little black bikini
I've come to realize that the little black bikini is a lot like the little black dress. It's the perfect swimsuit for all occasions. I was looking for a halter-style top (gives you support and coverage) with a bikini/hipster-style bottom (coverage). I actually really like this affordable and flattering top from Target (I'm a 32C and got a Small). I'm still searching for good bottoms though.

Bonus nice-to-haves:

Espadrille sandals
I only have three pairs of sandals, and two of them are the same style (which I love and highly recommend). Now I'm looking for something fresh and different. Recently I've become obsessed with espadrille wedges on other people, so it's time to look into adding a pair to my own closet.

An inexpensive white bag
Last summer I got a white Old Navy bucket bag, and I wore it all the time. Unfortunately, it rubbed against one of my dark blue pairs of jeans and got stained. This summer I'm interested in buying another inexpensive white bag. That way, if it gets ruined or stained, I won't be too heart broken.

A pretty summer blouse
Recently I took stock of my closet, and I mostly own t-shirts and button-downs. I'd like to add a pretty patterned blouse that I could dress up or down to the mix. For example, something like this top from Anthropologie.

What's on your summer wishlist?