Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gap Reviews: Stripe Boatneck Tee, Fluid Stripe Tee, Pleated Bib Shirt, Silk Cotton Shirt, Fair Isle Wool Sweater, Cashmere Hoodie

First reviews of the new year! I haven't gone shopping in person in a while, so I haven't been able to try on too many new things and take photos for you guys. On Friday, I decided to stop off at the mall after work to make a few returns at Old Navy. Since I was already in the neighborhood, I went into Gap to try on several sale items I had my eye on. Here are my reviews. For reference, my measurements are here.

Stripe Boatneck Tee (Peach Martini XS)

As I've mentioned before, I'm constantly on the lookout for classic striped tees, which for whatever reason are really hard to find. I had high hopes that this winter-weight tee would be the one, but I was sadly disappointed. The 100% cotton fabric is quite thick (doesn't seem likely to pill) and the overall silhouette is slim, but the length was much too long, and the boatneck collar was too high, kind of like a choker. Maybe this could work for someone much taller than me (I would guess around 5' 8" and above). There were several other colorways including ivory and black, but the black stripes looked heathered if that makes sense. In the end, this didn't work for me.

Verdict: Meh. Too long.

Fluid Stripe Tee (Red Stripe XS)

For some reason, red and navy stripes always make me think of Tony the Tiger. Not sure why. Anyway, I liked this. The material was thin and cool against my skin. The drapeyness was flattering. The fit was decent even though the sleeves and torso were a little too long. Currently this top is only $8.99 online plus an additional 40% off (now through 01/19/2015). It seems like a good serviceable top, but I'm concerned that it might shrink/get ruined in the wash. Apparently this is a common issue with 100% rayon tops, which several online reviewers mentioned. I don't have too much experience with rayon myself, but I think I'll risk it for ~$6 and see how things turn out.

Verdict: Like. A little long.

Pleated Bib Shirt (White XS)

By now, you guys probably know about my tuxedo shirt obsession. As soon as I saw the pleated bib on this button-down, I knew I had to try it on. I liked that it was 100% cotton and wasn't too sheer for a white shirt, but the fit was atrocious. It's very oversized and runs large by at least 1-2 sizes. The fit in the shoulders was off, but the worst part was the torso. I felt like I was swimming around in a big smock. Two thumbs down.

Verdict: Dislike. Too big overall.

Silk Cotton Shirt (Nude? XS)

I can't find this color online, but it was a peachy nude that I liked. The fit of this lightweight shirt was only okay. It's a little too long in the sleeves and torso, and could stand to be more tailored in the waist, but I thought the fit issues were workable since the fabric draped nicely. The cotton-silk blend was very comfortable albeit quite thin, especially for winter. The weight is more appropriate for spring or summer. If you can catch a color you like on sale, definitely try it out.

Verdict: Almost like. Runs a little large.

Fair Isle Wool Sweater (Charcoal Gray XS)

I picked up this gray sweater to try, because I thought the fair isle pattern was really cute. The sweater was reasonably thick and didn't seem too itchy (although I'm not super sensitive to wool). It seemed like it might pill over time, but that's a common issue with sweaters in general. My biggest complaint was the fit. It was much much too short in the torso. Also I have a pet peeve about tops having side slits. I don't like them myself and try to avoid buying shirts that have them.

Verdict: Blah. Too short in the torso.

Cashmere Hoodie (Light Gray Heather S)

I was excited to see this cashmere hoodie in store, because I remember hearing good things about Gap cashmere. I'm a very tactile person, so the first thing I usually do before I try anything on is to see how it feels to the touch. When I touched this, I was extremely surprised, because it hardly felt like cashmere at all. It was more like a thick, dense, plush wool. It's not as soft as other cashmere sweaters I've touched, so that was a bit disappointing. On the bright side though, it also didn't seem as prone to pilling. I rubbed the material against itself several times to see if it would create those little pilly balls, but nothing happened. True to the reviews on the website, it runs small and short. Here I am wearing a S, despite being frequently sized out at Gap even with the XS. I wouldn't pay full price for this sweater, but I would consider picking one up for under $70. This color is currently about $84 online, but the camel and ivory versions are only $60 and $72 respectively (now through 01/19/2015).

Verdict: Like. Runs small.

Gap also carries cashmere crewneck sweaters and cashmere cardigans (great reviews), currently on sale plus 40% off with code DEALS, now through 01/19/2015. I ordered a cashmere cardigan in mushroom for myself. Also, don't forget about 7% cash back at Ebates!

Have you found anything you liked at Gap lately?

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