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Altuzarra for Target Reviews, Part III: Blazers and Outerwear

This is the third and final installment of my Altuzarra for Target fitting room reviews. (If you haven't already, please check out Part I: Dresses and Part II: Tops and Bottoms.) Today let's talk about the blazers and outerwear from this collaboration. At the time of posting, most of these pieces are sold out online at You may still be able to find some in a store near you or wait for a few days as people realize their eyes were bigger than their wallets.

For reference, I am 5'4", 110 lbs, 32C-26-34. I usually wear XXS at J.Crew. I have slim hips and broader-than-average shoulders. Ok let's get started!

Velvet Blazer in Ruby Hill (Size 2), $59.99
This red velvet blazer makes me think of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka in a good kooky way. I liked the stiffer red velvet fabric, which feels like the material used to make velvet drapes. The construction of the blazer seemed solid, and I liked the placement of the pockets. The back of this jacket is quite beautiful, and the jacket nipped in at the waist nicely. I also liked the seam embellishments. Two quibbles about this blazer though. The first thing I didn't care for was the inclusion of shoulder pads, which made the jacket feeling tight across my upper back. I wouldn't recommend sizing up though, because then it would be too loose in the torso. The second issue was the contrasting satin of the lapels, which I thought looked a little cheap. Even so I almost bought this blazer, because I thought the jacket was striking and could be worn casually with skinny jeans. Ultimately Engineer W (my fiance) talked me out of buying it. I decided to pass because I couldn't think of enough ways to wear this on a daily basis. At $59.99, this blazer is a little expensive, considering that I have gotten wool blazers from J.Crew on sale for around the same price.

Verdict: Like, almost worth the price

Blazer with Peplum Detail (Size 2), $54.99
When I first saw this blazer online, I thought it was identical to the red velvet one except in fabric choice and color. It turns out the back is completely different. There's an additional peplum tail that is rendered in the jacquard embossed python fabric from the skirt I reviewed last time. To me the peplum resembles a Victorian bustle. There was too much volume, and I found it difficult to manage the way the peplum draped. The rest of the blazer suffered from similar issues as the velvet one. This tuxedo jacket had so much potential but ultimately missed the mark in my opinion.

Verdict: Meh, not worth the price

Faux Fur Jacket (XS), $69.99
I like the concept of a fur coat but have yet to find one that is flattering. This fur jacket also did nothing for my figure. Because the "hair" is so long, the whole jacket looks very bulky and adds at least 10 lbs to my frame visually. In particular my shoulders look like they belong on a football player. The fur material wasn't as soft or silky as other faux furs I've come across in the past, which I would have liked to see for the hefty price tag. The sleeves were also a tad long and the jacket a little cropped, even for me at 5'4".

Verdict: Dislike, not worth the price

Trench Coat with Back Detail (XS), $89.99
I really don't need another trench coat since I just bought a trench from J.Crew back in July (if you're curious about the fit, check out my mini review in that month's budget post). Hence I was extra critical of this black trench. One point against it was the hefty price tag. At $89.99 it is one of the most expensive pieces in the entire collection. My second complaint is how comically short the belt was. There wasn't enough length to tie a pretty bow. Lastly the peplum back looked even more Victorian than the black blazer. The overall length was also too long although the sleeves seemed reasonable. I did like the jacquard python material it was made from, but I don't believe the fabric is water resistant, an important feature to look for in a coat you wear in wet chilly weather. If you really want a black trench, I would recommend saving up your money to buy this classic version during one of Banana Republic's 40% off no exclusion promos. I haven't tried on this year's version, but I had one from Fall 2011 that I liked.

Verdict: Dislike, not worth the price

I didn't get a chance to try on the trench with black sleeves that Keri Russell wore to the launch party. That was apparently one of the hottest sellers from this collaboration.

Whew, I'm finally done! Thank you for following along on this review adventure. I love getting feedback, so please let me know what you think in the comments. See you next time!

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  1. Another great round! Thanks for sharing so many pieces. I figured as much from what I could see in the stock pics and from the first set of reviewers that went to the launch party. These collabs are so hyped and they rarely deliver in totality. I've learned to be really picky about the pieces I end up keeping. You can usually find NWT items on Ebay and I"m seeing last year's Phillip Lim on there right now.