Tuesday, October 28, 2014

J.Crew Factory Reviews: Chiffon Dot Blouse with Lace Panels, Quilted Jacket, Keating Boy Blazer, Tweed Mini with Pockets, Classic Button-Down Shirt in Flannel

Over the weekend I stopped by J.Crew Factory to make a few returns, and of course I had to look around the store afterwards since I was already in the neighborhood. My returns took longer than usual, because the associate helping me was new, and she mentioned that they just got a new POS system. I noticed that she entered a lot of information manually, but I'm not sure if that was because she was new or due to the new system. If anyone else has noticed a delay in the checkout or return process, please let me know in the comments.

Now onto the reviews. For reference, I usually wear 00 and XXS at J.Crew and J.Crew Factory. My measurements are provided here.

Chiffon Dot Blouse with Lace Panels (Item B3978)
Color: Natural, Size: 00
This blouse isn't really my style, but I was drawn to the Victorian-feeling lace stripes. I liked the fabric, which had a very interesting texture due to the swiss dots. Generally not a fan of polyester, but this felt surprisingly nice, not too stifling or too staticky. However, the fit left something to be desired. For one, the shoulders were quite tight when I tried to lift my arms since the material had little to no stretch. Another fit issue was the tunic-like length, which I found unflattering coupled with the three-quarter sleeves. A pass for me.

Verdict: Meh. Tight in the shoulders and runs long.

Quilted Jacket (Item 02534)
Color: Black, Size: XXS
This quilted jacket was the last one on the rack at my local store. I can see why they're almost sold out, because it was super sleek in person. There was a cool, almost moto vibe to it. Fit-wise the jacket was very slim through the torso. In the XXS, I was only able to layer a t-shirt underneath. For actual chilly weather, of course I would want to wear more. The sleeves were also incredibly slim. Not quite compression cuffs but almost there. It was reasonably warm for fall but definitely too light for winter. Overall, great jacket but remember to size up. 

Verdict: Really like. Runs small.

Keating Boy Blazer (Item 92480)
Color: Black, Size: 00
This is the factory version of the black schoolboy blazer. I got the retail blazer a while back, and although I don't get to wear it very often, I love the way it looks. Since I liked the retail version so much, I was curious to see how the factory one would stack up. Surprisingly, they're virtually identical! The factory version is true to size and slim enough to be stylish, while still being roomy enough to layer a sweater underneath. It has a very versatile length and fits well in the shoulders (though I have wider than average shoulders, so ladies with slimmer frames should try it on in person).

The main difference between the two blazers is fabric content. The retail schoolboy is made from a 98% wool and 2% spandex blend, while the factory blazer is 40% wool, 29% polyester, 28% viscose, and 3% spandex. In person both blazers feel pretty much the same. Mayyybe the factory one is a bit silkier and the retail one is a little more wooly, but I'm not sure I could tell the difference in a blind test.

Verdict: Like. True to size.

Tweed Mini with Pockets (Item B1992)
Color: Black White, Size: 0
I thought I had grabbed this mini in a 00 to try on but noticed after I took it off that this skirt was actually a 0. If I hadn't checked, I would have guessed it was a true to size 00, as it fit exactly the same as other 00s I've tried on, so this piece definitely runs small.

The black colorblocking is very slimming, creating a flattering silhouette from the front. It even has pockets, which is a great bonus! However, I'm not so crazy about the side view. The transition from the tweed to all black was very jarring, and I found myself wishing that the tweed panel was replicated in the back. The length was good for me, but then again I'm only 5' 4", so it could look much shorter on taller ladies.

Verdict: Meh. Runs small.

Classic Button-Down Shirt in Flannel (Item 30519)
Color: Cape Gingham, Size: XXS
I'm a sucker for a good button-down, and I loved the colors in this flannel shirt so much that I ordered 2 in XXS the moment I saw it online, just in case there was some subtle variation in size. Turns out that was a good call. In general, this shirt is true to size in slimness but too long in the torso and sleeves. One of the shirts ended up being way too long, while the other was long but manageable (see it on me here), especially when worn tucked or half-tucked. If you're over 5' 5", the length of this shirt will probably be just right, but if you're on the shorter side like me, you'll need some luck to find one that fits perfectly. Honestly, I'm not sure I'd put up with the length if I didn't absolutely love the color combination!

Verdict: Like. Kept despite being too long
in the sleeves and torso.

What's on your must-have list for fall?


  1. Hi Engineer L, what jeans do you have on in these pictures? They look great.

    1. They're the high-rise skinny jean from American Eagle. I got them last year, so this exact color is gone, but they have other washes available here.