Monday, December 28, 2015

Best Purchases of 2015

Now that 2015 is coming to a close, let's take a look back at my top 10 best purchases of the year. I'm defining "best" as stuff I reach for all the time that goes with everything. I went through the same exercise at the end of last year, and I felt like the process helped me better pinpoint my style for the new year. Hopefully this will serve the same purpose in 2016.

1. Everlane women's cotton v (muted black XS) - This is my favorite color of the Everlane tees I own. As the name suggests, it's a light black or a very dark grey. The material is super soft (and opaque!), so I reach for it all the time.

2. Everlane women's cotton v (white XS) - For a long time, a white tee was a missing essential in my wardrobe. This one is a little too sheer (I can see my nude bra if I look closely), but since it goes with everything, I still wear it all the time.

3. Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC (almond) - A cognac crossbody was another missing wardrobe piece for me. This one is a great size and the leather is very supple, although the chain is a bit heavy and things tend to get jumbled around inside.

4. J.Crew Factory pocket tunic sweater (sold out, similar) - I used to hate tunics, but somehow this merino wool tunic sweater has grown on me. It's great over skinny jeans or leggings. I can only wear it on cold winter days, because the wool is too plush and warm. If I try to wear it on a warmer day, I instantly overheat!

5. J.Crew toothpick Cone Denim jean in parker wash (sold out, similar) - This is my go-to pair of jeans. I wear them at least once a week, because they're so comfortable and the wash is spot on. They're dark medium blue without any hints of yellow, and the fading/whiskering is really flattering in my opinion. The only bummer is that they're starting to look a little faded since I wear them so often.

6. Siwy Ladonna skinny high rise crop jeans (true love wash 25) - Another pair of jeans. I've also been wearing these every week since I got them. They fit perfectly in the waist (no muffin top!), and I got them for a song.

7. Lilly Pulitzer for Target crochet tank top (sold out, similar, similar with sleeves) - It turns out I love a good white lace top. It's so easy to wear, and it makes me feel instantly dressy. This one is great, because it's 100% cotton. I wouldn't mind adding another lace top to my wardrobe!

8. Kendra Scott Rayne tassel necklace (turquoise) - Turquoise is one of those colors that doesn't match anything but "goes" with everything. I'm glad I got the Rayne necklace over another Kendra Scott necklace I was considering, because the tassel is just so fun!

9. J.Crew tropical fern sliding halter bikini (sold out) - This is seriously the most flattering bikini I own. Even if I've eaten a big meal, I can still wear it without feeling self-conscious. The top offers great support, and the bottom stays firmly on my booty without digging into my hips, which is sooo rare.

10. Zella leggings (black XS) - These are my favorite leggings! They're pretty thick and completely opaque, so they're almost like ponte pants. I frequently wear these as regular pants with longer button-downs and my J.Crew Factory tunic sweater.

What were your favorite purchases of 2015?


  1. I just started putting together my best and worst purchases of the year! I love reading other people's. I totally agree with you regarding the Lilly for Target top. I'm not sure yet if it'll make my list since I had so many great buys, but it definitely adds a little extra to any outfit!

    1. Can't wait to read your post! Yeah, I had other buys that I love but didn't include, because I haven't worn them enough yet. For example, the J.Crew parka that I got! It just hasn't been cold enough around here to break it out yet.