Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hats Off to You

I love hats. Fedoras, panama hats, boaters, fascinators, I adore them all. I like wearing them, and I like seeing other people wear them. They instantly add drama and visual interest to outfits, don't you think? I wish we lived during one of those time periods where men and women wore hats every single day. Well, maybe not actually, because you know: social issues, lack of proper healthcare, etc. But you get my point. I wish more people would wear hats!

I used to own quite a few myself before I moved in with J, but I had to purge them all due to space limitations. Now that summer is almost here, I find myself daydreaming about hats again. Summer is the perfect time for wearing a hat. They're a welcome respite from the hot sun beating down on you during long summer days. They keep your face from getting sunburned and your hair from getting too hot. They even double as a fan when you need a quick cool-off.

Right now, I'm on the hunt for the perfect summer hat. I want it to be classic (no text or weird embellishments), made of straw, have a natural color, with a wide brim (at least 3 inches), not too floppy, and tied with a ribbon for under $50. I found some possible contenders that I wanted to share with you.

Bachelor #1: wide-brim straw fedora.  This hat is a darker natural shade but is classic in shape. I can't tell based on the picture how high the crown is. Sometimes fedoras with high crowns make my head look disproportionately tall. The price is quite reasonable.

Bachelor #2: classic packable straw hat. I like the light natural color and the classic style of this hat. Also, it's packable, making it perfect for trips to the beach (or pool) and summer vacations. It's middle of the road in price. The packability of it probably means it has less structure and is more suitable for casual wear.

Bachelor #3: structured straw hat with a wide grosgrain band. I like the wider grosgrain ribbon on this hat, and the brim is pretty wide at 3.5 inches. It looks like it has some structure and would work well with both casual and dressy outfits. This hat is at the higher end of my price range although it's still under $50.
Bachelor #4: classic panama hat. This hat is such a classic style, and it's a steal considering the price! Again it has that classic black grosgrain ribbon, and I believe it has the widest brim of them all. It looks like the straw is not as tightly woven as the other two, but that also means it's more breathable and lighter weight.

Bachelor #5: wide-brim boater hat.  Unlike the other hats which were all fedoras, this hat is a boater. See that flat top? The brim looks pretty wide (for a boater at least, probably less wide than the fedoras), and I like the slightly different colors in the straw weave. The band isn't a ribbon, but I think it's fine on this hat.

Honorable mention: black and ivory packable straw hat. This hat is also super classic, and the price is definitely right, even when it's not on sale. It actually looks pretty similar in shape to the first hat, which might be due to its packability. The only reason it didn't make my top 5 list is because of its color. I like the woven black and ivory pattern but worry that it's too dark for summer.

Are you a hat person? What kind of hats do you like, and where do you buy them? Which of these is your favorite?

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