Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Wardrobe Planning, Part 2: My Wishlist

Here is Part 2 of my series on summer wardrobe planning. Check out Part 1 here. I am continuing to follow Un-Fancy's wardrobe planner to guide me in figuring out my style as well as what I should add to my closet this summer.

Step 9: Make a list of stores, brands, and designers you love that work for your style, body, and budget.

J.Crew - everything (but since the brand is going downhill, I'd like to find other brands that work for me)
J.Crew Factory - casual dresses, tees, pajamas
Nordstrom - everything
Amazon - everything
Madewell - denim, shoes, bags, accessories
Everlane - tops, tees, shoes
REI - activewear

Step 10: Create your color scheme. Include patterns and color from all aspects of your wardrobe, including shoes and accessories.

Major colors: white/ivory, denim, blue
Minor colors: stripes, heather grey
Accents: blush, black

Some outfits I love with those color schemes:

Step 11: Make a list of your go-to pieces. These could be pieces you already own or pieces you want to buy.
  • stripe tee
  • flowy scoopneck tanks (black, white, heather grey)
  • linen button-down
  • denim jacket
  • destroyed denim shorts
  • medium blue jeans
  • white shorts
  • maxi skirt
  • casual skirt
  • casual striped tee dress
  • sleeveless casual dress
  • flat sandals
  • straw boater
  • crossbody bag in either white, ivory, or blush

Step 12: Create 3-4 outfit formulas using your go-to pieces.
  • casual dress + sandals or flats + hat
  • tank or tee + jeans or shorts + sandals or flats
  • button-down + tank or tee + skirt + sandals

Step 13: Make your shopping list. Include a list of pieces you want to add to your wardrobe, where you might buy it from, as well as your budget. 

I already ordered and even kept a few items (which I'll review in my monthly budget post) since I made my list in advance, so I'm going to break this part down into three categories:

A. What I am keeping (and how much I spent):
  • scoopneck tank in heather grey ($25) - go with your normal size for a flowy fit, size down if you want a close fit
  • destroyed denim shorts ($40) - true to size, do not size up as you might normally for denim shorts
  • casual knit dress in heather navy ($34) - go with your normal size for a slightly bodycon fit, size up for a more casual fit, does not emphasize stomach UPDATE: I am returning this dress. Even though it's flattering in the front, it's actually somewhat sheer in the back. I didn't notice this until I wore it outside for the first time. I could see the color of my underwear, even though the dress is dark, as well as the dreaded visible panty line. Also, the hem has a tendency to ride up as you walk around or sit down, which is annoying when the dress is already plenty short. Anyway, the situation was so bad/embarrassing that I had to go home to change during lunch. So I cannot recommend this dress after all. What a shame when the front is so flattering.
B. What I ordered to try (and how much I spent):
C. What I'm still thinking about or looking for (and how much I've budgeted):
  • linen button-down from J.Crew (~$35)
  • straw boater hat (~$50)
  • flat sandals from ??? (~$80) 
  • casual shift dress from ??? (~$80)
  • casual knit dress from ??? (~$50)
  • stripe tee from ??? (~$25)
  • maxi dress?

Do you have a color palette for your wardrobe, and if so, what is it? What are your go-to summer uniforms? And what's on your summer wishlist?


  1. I've been loving neutrals. Off whites, taupe-y colors. It's hard to find the right shades. I've got a similar process going for style honing. Collecting linen pieces. Capsule wardrobe is my goal. I think it's acceptable to purchase different things to try out on the way though including different trends so you can really figure out what you like and what works for you.

    1. Yay, another neutral lover! Off-white and taupe linen pieces are great for summer. I like the capsule wardrobe idea so far. In general, I don't mind experimenting with different trends, but I don't want to end up with a closet full of clothes that'll look dated in a couple seasons.