Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sale Alert: Madewell at Nordstrom Rack

Quick PSA for you guys today. If you're a fan of Madewell like me, be sure to scope out the selection at Nordstrom Rack! It's a great opportunity to find stuff at a significant discount. I usually prefer to shop in store (you never know what you'll find), but sometimes the website has good deals too. For example, get your hands on a Madewell mini transport crossbody bag on the Nordstrom Rack website for 43% off! That's the best deal I've ever seen, since the bag never gets marked down at Madewell, and it's usually excluded from promotions. Even when it is included, the discount never exceeds 30% off. Right now it's available in 3 different colors at that price: black, English saddle, and petal pink. I picked up an English saddle (cognac) one from my local Nordstrom Rack store a couple weeks ago, and I adore it. Check out the rest of the selection too. Happy shopping!

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