Friday, October 26, 2018

My Fall/Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

It's like someone flipped a switch around here, and all of a sudden it's fall. As much as I love this season, I think it can be pretty challenging to dress for. Right now my neck of the woods is in that transitional period where it's chilly in the mornings and evenings but relatively warm during the day. That means it's too chilly to wear what I've been wearing all summer but too warm still for my winter clothes. Also some of my wardrobe workhorses have finally given up the ghost, and I need to start replacing them. All this leaves me feeling once again like I have nothing to wear in the morning.

To breathe new life into my wardrobe, I would like to add some fresh pieces to supplement what I already own. First, let's talk about color palette. My summer color palette consisted of white/ivory, denim, blue, stripes, heather grey with accents of blush and black. I still like most of these colors for fall/winter, although optic white and blush feel too spring/summer to me. I think my fall/winter color palette will be black, blue/denim, heather grey, burgundy, and camel with accents of cognac and ivory.

(clockwise) camel sweater, ivory cami (similar), black bag (50% off, ordered to try), cognac bag (bought recently), brown boots, cognac belt, black jeans, grey jeans

Black. I have this weird thing about wearing dark colors near my face (I think it makes me look sallow), so no black sweaters for me. I already have a black puffer vest that I wear all the time. It's the perfect layer for transitional weather. Also, I already own several pairs of black shoes, including these flats, these sneakers, a pair of knee-high boots, and a pair of loafers, so I'm good there. I do need to replace my old ripped black jeans from J.Crew. I bought them on a whim back in Fall 2014 and wore them so much that the knees are now completely worn out (they originally had small knee rips). I want to replace them with a pair of black skinny jeans that aren't distressed and don't look like leggings (maybe something like this pair but with more dimension, not just flat black). Based on the selection I've seen so far, this might be a tall order. I would also like to upgrade my beloved black Rebecca Minkoff purse that I wore all last year, which has seen better days. I'm currently lusting after this beauty, which is 50% off (ordered to try)!

Blue. I already have a navy turtleneck sweater and a navy sweater-blazer from J.Crew. Also I have a beautiful navy peacoat that I really ought to wear more often than I do. In addition, I own a couple pairs of blue jeans (but I need to get my favorite Hudson jeans repaired, because the button somehow fell out) and an old J.Crew chambray shirt. If I added anything else blue, it would be another pair of classic blue skinny jeans with no extra embellishments, but that's not a super high priority.

Heather grey. I already own several grey sweaters, so I'm banned from buying any more. However, I would like to buy a new pair of grey jeans. I used to own a pair of grey Siwy jeans that I wore all the time, but I had to throw them away after finding a big hole in the crotch. To replace them, I want a plain simple pair without any extra embellishments or details (like this pair).

Burgundy. I already own all the burgundy pieces I need. My beloved Mackage leather jacket (I bought it for a great price years ago and still wear it all the time) is burgundy, and I just bought a new pair of burgundy pants last month.

Camel. During the winter, I wear my J.Crew camel cocoon coat all the time. It's still one of my all-time favorite coats. Warm, great for layering, and goes with everything. What I would like to add is a thick camel cardigan, something warm and cozy to bundle up in.

Cognac. I love the idea of cognac accessories for fall, and I just recently acquired this crossbody bag that I've wanted for ages. I've been eyeing the matching cognac belt, and.I'd like to get a pair of cognac ankle boots that are both stylish and good for walking long distances. I'm currently deciding between this pair and this pair.

Ivory. I own a few ivory silk blouses and a cream colored cable sweater. I would like to add a silky ivory cami for layering under cardigans.

Miscellaneous. Maybe a fun patterned/colorful scarf that fits into my palette. And a few more cardigans! I actually wear cardigans year round, even during the summer. My boyfriend likes to joke that I look like a librarian when I wear one, but hey there's nothing wrong with that!

What's on your fall/winter wardrobe wishlist?


  1. Oooh, I love those Born chelsea boots! My vote is definitely for those. ;) I actually had an old, torn (in the crotch in multiple places) pair of my boyfriend's jeans repaired by a tailor and they look nearly brand new now! He would have donated them (to be recycled) if they hadn't been fixed. (He actually donated a different pair with less ripping and I feel bad about it since they definitely could have been fixed.) It's truly amazing what a good tailor can do!

    1. I ended up ordering both pairs to try out, because I couldn't decide! Born shoes are usually really comfy, so I hope one of the two work out.

      Wow that's amazing! I always forget about the magic that tailors can work. I'll have to remember that for next time. Right now I have a small pile of clothes that need to get fixed, so I really should find one in my current neighborhood. I used to have one that was decent and very reasonably priced, but then I moved.

  2. I don't have that many burgundy items, so I'm totally kicking myself for not keeping/exchanging for the the right size of that J.Crew collarless sweater blazer in burgundy. I think the collarless design of the Juliette suits my wardrobe better than the collared Sophie one you've linked, given how much of the week I spend in work clothes. The Sophie design is great too, though, and I think that one is better for most of my weekend outfits!

    1. It's really too bad about the burgundy Juliette! Hopefully it goes on sale again at some point. I haven't tried that style in person yet, but in general I prefer to wear hip-length cardigans. I think another nice way to incorporate burgundy/oxblood into a work wardrobe would be in accessories, like a bag or pair of shoes. I'd love to add a bag in that color to my collection eventually.