Monday, August 18, 2014

J.Crew August Sale Reviews, Part II + Bonus Reviews

In Part II, I will continue my reviews from the previous post. I used the following scale: love = 5, like = 4, meh = 3, blah = 2, hate = 1. For reference, I am 5'4" and my measurements are 32C-26-34. I usually wear 00 and XXS at J.Crew. Let's get started.

Pintuck Sundress (White 00)

This dress has already been reviewed by Gigi and Ina, but the more the merrier.

This dress is basically a longer version of the pintuck cami. It still ran large and had the same thin string-like straps, but I liked it a little better. The white didn't seem sheer, the fabric was soft, and the dress had a bit of movement. It's too boxy as-is, but I think adding a belt would help. I could also see someone wearing this at the beach.

Verdict: Meh. Size down if you can. Add a belt for waist definition.

Merino Wool Exclamation Sweater (Heather Dusk XXS)

This sweater was sort of... boring. The silhouette was reminiscent of a Tippi that was one size too big, i.e. it ran slightly large in both the torso and sleeves. The merino wool was similar to what J.Crew uses for the Tippi. The light heather grey color was innocuous but also unremarkable. The only embellishment, that gold exclamation point, looked too junior and out of place.

Verdict: Meh. Better to just buy a light heather grey Tippi.

Lace Shift Dress (California Poppy 00)

I already own this dress in neon citrus, which I really like but haven't had a chance to wear yet. Like my other one, this fits me like a glove, especially in the stomach and hip regions. My figure is more straight up and down with slim hips, so I suspect pear-shaped ladies may not like the fit as much. Unlike the neon yellow, the poppy color didn't seem too sheer. The hem is knee-length on me, so some women may find it too short. Even though I like the dress, I'm not sure I should buy a duplicate, especially since I haven't worn the first one yet. (Fablifeforever also reviewed the dress in this color, so you can check out her review here.)

Verdict: Like. Wishlist and wait for deeper sale since I already own one in neon citrus.

Here are my impressions of a few items I ordered and returned last month.

Thomas Mason for J.Crew tuxedo shirt (white 00) - This shirt was a little too boxy and also long on my 5'4" frame even though I have a longer-than-average torso for my height. Also, the pleats hit at an awkward place on my bust, making me look wider than I am. Another thing to watch out for is the tuxedo collar, which I don't find flattering personally. I think it would look better with a classic spread collar. However, the fabric does feel nice and smooth. If they ever make it in 000, I would consider reordering it.

Opera-length glass pearl necklace - This glass pearl necklace was perfectly fine, although several of the knots between beads were too tight and made the necklace lie funny. Each bead was roughly 7 mm in diameter. I compared the beads against a real pearl necklace that I own, and the glass beads were more shiny, more gold-toned, and less pink than the real pearls. I ultimately decided to return it, because I thrifted an 8 mm glass pearl necklace for $4 from Goodwill.

Do you frequently buy the same item in different colors? Why or why not?


  1. The lace shift dress looks great on you! I have hips and actually found that it was pretty flattering - the material is very forgiving. This color would be great going in to fall if you can find a reason to wear it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. you've convinced me to pass on that shirt...