Saturday, August 30, 2014

J.Crew Factory Reviews: Miscellaneous Fall Arrivals

Happy Labor Day weekend for those celebrating! I wanted to post a few reviews of items I tried on earlier this week at J.Crew Factory in case anyone is interested in braving the crowds this weekend. For reference, I am 5'4" and my measurements are 32C-26-34. I usually wear 00 and XXS at J.Crew and J.Crew Factory. My reviews use the following scale: love = 5, like = 4, meh = 3, blah = 2, hate = 1.

Houndstooth Print Sweatshirt (Sunwashed Sand XXS)

I didn't expect to like this sweatshirt as much as I did. First of all, the pattern looks more like gingham than houndstooth to me. Secondly, the fabric was fairly thin and didn't feel very soft. Despite these flaws, I still found this cute. The overall fit was definitely slim, but the arms and torso were comfortable. I think you could pair it with either a skirt or pants. If I didn't already own several sweatshirts, I would consider buying this for myself.

Verdict: Like the look but the fabric is meh. Don't need personally.

Layering V-neck Tee (Red Currant XXS)

I saw this tee sitting in the sale section for $9.99 before additional discounts so I grabbed it on my way to the fitting room. I was actually very pleasantly surprised. The cotton material wasn't too sheer. The V wasn't too deep for my modest sensibilities. The fit is perfect slouchy without looking sloppy. It just felt like an all-around better quality version of the retail vintage cotton tees that I love. I seriously debated purchasing it on the spot but ultimately passed since I don't love burgundy/maroon on my skin tone. I will definitely be checking out other colors though.

Verdict: Love. Look for other colors.

The store I went to didn't have this in XXS so I grabbed an XS to try on. Based on the way the XS fits, I think the XXS should be perfect. I was excited when I first saw this striped dress online, because the contrasting side stripes create the flattering illusion that my waist is smaller than it is. In real life though, the dress is a little lackluster. The skirt is a tad short to be considered knee-length. The combination of the colors and the widening effect of the shoulders made me feel like Tony the Tiger. Could work better for someone with a different coloring.

Verdict: Meh. Would have liked it better in ivory and navy stripes.

Geometric Graphic Merino Sweater (Graphite Ivory XXS)

I was so excited to see this in the new arrivals. Last year I lusted after and had even bought the retail version but ultimately decided to release it back to the wild, because the sleeves were tight to the point of feeling like compression cuffs. This new updated version is different from the original in several notable ways: a) the sleeves are plain instead of decorated; b) the merino wool isn't as plush (albeit still acceptable); and c) the sleeves felt comfortable. I just love the print, especially in such a neutral colorway. This is definitely my top pick from J.Crew Factory's recent roll-out.

Verdict: Love. Wait to see if it goes a little deeper on sale.

I've been looking for a cozy camel sweater to replace an old Lands' End Canvas one I donated. This seemed promising at first, because the wool blend felt soft to the touch, almost like an angora blend. After I put it on though, I noticed that the sleeves were too long, the neck hole was just a little too large, and the material was sort of itchy, especially around my shoulder blades. The overall fit was a little slim, so take your regular size if you want a fitted look and size up if you like the slouchy look. I think this could work for someone taller than me. Personally I'm going to pass and check out Gap's version instead.

Verdict: Meh. Could look better on someone taller than me.

Surprisingly I found a few items that I really loved. What are you loving at J.Crew Factory this fall?


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I saw a blue and grey checked excursion vest when I stopped by to do a return (the place was absolutely mobbed so I got out as quickly as possible!). These look nice on you, especially the grey and white patterned sweater. Glad you found some things you love!

    1. I saw a picture of that vest somewhere. It looks really nice! I'm glad they're making other designs. Going to try my best to resist though.