Friday, November 7, 2014


Happy Friday, everyone! The weekend couldn't have come fast enough. Earlier this week I had an existential crisis about my research direction, because it turns out that the main contribution we proposed to do had already been done by another research group last year. I was feeling pretty discouraged, like I'm perpetually behind and can never catch up. Since then, I've come to see the bright side of things. For example, I would rather find out now than after I've finished all of my experiments and tried to publish the results. Also, if there are other groups working in this space, that means I'm on the right track since other people care about solving the same problem.

Now onto a more frivolous topic, weekend sales! There are some really good ones going on this weekend. Here are two of my favorites.

25% off fall favorites plus 30% off fall sale styles with code GETWARM through 11/11/2014. Note: final sale is off the table for now. Some JCAs said that you can get 40% off in-store, which is a better deal of course when stacked with already lower in-store prices, but final sale is in effect. Personally I would rather buy online with no final sale. To me it's worth paying a little extra to be able to try things out at home and think them over. If you know exactly what you want to get, then in-store is your best bet (assuming they actually have it in stock).

Sale Picks
Sateen toothpick pant - Complete misnomer; the fabric's not sateen at all. It's a nice sturdy lightly-sueded material. A little stiff at first but softens with wear. I got the dark fatigue color in size 26. I also tried on the 25, but it was too tight in the waist. I like these pants so much that I also ordered the snow and the black. Great price at only $35 a pair!
Toothpick in miller wash - Great reviews. Only larger sizes left.
Silk sleeveless blouse - I haven't tried this on in person, but I like the classic style. I ordered the ivory and the rose in 00P based on the reviews.
Silk sleeveless dress - What a steal at $21! Looks like something from Madewell. Ordered the warm iris in XSP to try.

Clearance sale. Save up to 40% online and in stores through 11/11/2014. I guess Nordstrom is scrapping their half-yearly sale? That's fine, because these prices are pretty good. Lots of shoes on sale. I've been looking for more sneakers, so I picked up these in wild honey.

Sale Picks
Lace sheath dress - Great for special occasions.
Gold flats - Add a little shine for the upcoming holidays.
Calfhair flats in black or leopard - This brand is usually so comfortable.
Metallic silver crossbody - I love crossbody bags. This one is 40% off!
Cashmere sweater - I have a black one from last year. Really warm and cozy. More slouchy than fitted though.

Have a great weekend, and happy shopping!


  1. Hope you like the JC silk sleeveless blouses - they are absolute workhorses in my wardrobe as they work under any sweater without adding bulk or warmth. Have 5 (!) of them and love 'em. Wearing one today - you can see it on IG at poettodesign.
    Sorry to hear about your research, I remember all too well the feeling of losing direction or treading water from my days in the post-grad pool. Hope it all works out!

  2. I like the heart print one you have, and 5 isn't too many if they're your fave. Can't wait to get mine in the mail! Also, thanks for your kind words. It's nice to know that other people have felt the same way before and come out the other side.