Sunday, March 15, 2015

J.Crew Reviews: Photo Floral Tee, Photo Floral Tank Top, Sleeveless Silk Shell in Aquatic Floral, Shadow Stripe Top, Jet-Set Geo Shell

My fiancé was out of town this weekend, so I had time to myself on Saturday and decided to check out the latest J.Crew new arrivals. I usually like to do a reconnaissance/window-shopping trip so that I can prioritize my purchases for the upcoming season. Anyway, I saw a few things that I liked so I'll be on the lookout for those when sale time rolls around.

White Poppy XXS

This tee was originally on my wishlist, but I crossed it off after my try-on. I saw both color combos in store: white poppy (white background with pink flowers) and white (white background with beige-grey flowers). I preferred the pink floral design out of the two. I wasn't crazy about the fit though. The length was slightly too long, the flowers felt stiff to the touch, the almost-dolman sleeves were of an indeterminate length, and the white portion was sheer. At the end of the day, this didn't feel special enough to me. It seems like yet another run-of-the-mill floral tee that J.Crew has been pumping out.

Verdict: Blah. True to size. 

Heather Steel Blush XXS

I liked this tank better than the tee, but it also had its own issues. The floral design was nice. I liked how the flowers were scattered across the whole body instead of being focused only around the shoulder area. I wasn't crazy about the color combination (heather grey and pale pink). Perhaps it would look better if they used a darker grey or a more vibrant pink. The sleeves were confusing. They were somewhere between a mini cap sleeve and muscle tank. I felt that they made my shoulders look wider, which isn't very flattering. The fit was nice and slim though. Overall, not bad but could be better.

Verdict: Meh. True to size.

Pewter Multi 0

I'm loving the aquatic floral pattern from this past rollout. It has so many different colors in it, including black, turquoise, mint, citron, and white. This shell is very simple, but the pattern makes it special. It's made from 100% silk and has a hidden placket with buttons. The silk was a little staticky for some reason, but that didn't bother me too much. The store I went to didn't have my usual 00, so I had to grab the 0. Surprisingly it almost fit in the shoulders and bust, which leads me to think that this top runs small. My suggestion is to try on both your normal size and one size up, and see which you like better. Note that it hits at the hip, instead of tunic length like some of J.Crew's recent tops. The one thing about it that I didn't like was the weird split side hem. It was like a normal shirt-tail hem with an additional panel of fabric inserted down the side.

Verdict: Like. May need to size up.

Blossom 00

I like the idea of this top more than the execution. As you can see, the stripes in the front are vertical, but the stripes in the back are horizontal. I thought that was an interesting touch. You definitely need to wear a cami under it since the "stripes" are sheer. This top was made from 80% viscose and 20% polyester. It felt stiff like satin and has zero stretch. I took my normal size 00 and felt that it was boxy in the torso. However, I wouldn't recommend sizing down, because it felt tight across my shoulders. The hem was asymmetrical, being shorter in the front and longer in the back. In my opinion, both the front and the back were too long. This was a pass for me.

Verdict: Meh. Boxy but size down only if you have narrow shoulders. 

Glamorous Pink 00

The online product photo for this top made it look like it had a jeweled collar. That turns out to be just a necklace they added. Anyway, I found it somewhat misleading. So the fabric for this was 97% cotton/3% elastane and felt like something that would be used for a stretch cotton suiting shirt. There was an exposed zipper in the back to help you slip in and out of it. The hem was quite strange. It was like a cross between a shirt-tail hem and a tulip wrap skirt. Take a close look at the side view and you'll see what I mean. It fit well in the shoulders and chest but seemed a little boxy through the torso. The overall length was good. Overall the top wasn't bad, just not my style.

Verdict: Meh. True to size. A little boxy through the torso. 

What do you like from the latest J.Crew rollout? Are any of these items on your wishlist?


  1. You look so great in some of these tops! Thanks for the review - always fun to see what things look like on real people!

  2. Great reviews. There's not a lot of love for the grey tank w/flowers based on the color. I hope it makes it to sale!