Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sale Alert: Madewell

Quick sale alert this morning. Madewell is currently offering 15% off all purchases during the insiders event (free to sign up), including leather and denim, which are usually excluded. Here are my sale picks.

The following are already on sale, so combined with the discount, the prices are good:
1) striped tank dress (I own this, read my review)
2) striped swing dress (ordered, read my review)

The following are usually excluded from sale (this is about the best discount you can get, especially for the classic colors):
4) leather crossbody bag (on my wishlist)
8) leather jacket (on my wishlist)

Happy shopping!


  1. Are you planning to buy anything?? I've got my eyes on a few things but I'm also getting my birthday discount next month! I'm kind of annoyed because I preordered a fall item with the $25 discount from the beginning of August and now it's less expensive with this promo. I kind of want to see if they'd do a price adjustment on it since it won't ship until next month and I'd save about $10 more!

    1. I ordered the striped swing dress I linked in my post since it was on my wishlist and at a pretty reasonable price. I'm also seriously eyeing the transport crossbody in cognac (it never goes on sale!), but I'm not sure I have the budget for it... What do you have your eye on?

    2. I'm looking at the small transport crossbody too, but in grey!! That one will be cheaper with my birthday discount so I think I might wait. I was going to order the Brady lowcut bootie in cognac but it just sold out TODAY of the size I needed so...wah. Oh well. I'll have to check for popbacks or a full restock because all the small sizes went fast! (I'd get the black boots but I already have like four pairs of black boots, haha!) There's also a new color of the button-front midi skirt I got in the spring that I'm tempted to try but I'll probably hold off...

    3. Ooh, those booties are on my wishlist too. They're gorgeous! It seems like the best stuff at Madewell has been selling out fast recently, sometimes even at full price. The grey color is really pretty. I've been debating between the zip-top and the open top versions of the transport crossbody, but I think I'm leaning towards the zip-top myself.

    4. It really has!! It's crazy because I used to bank on things ending up in the sale section eventually and now I pretty much have to pounce if I love something! I kind of hate that because I hate spending full price, LOL. I normally wouldn't buy at even 15% off but I'll take what I can get for some items (even though the boots sold out haha). Oh yeah I am not crazy about the open top; if they had grey in the zip top I would get that one instead.