Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody Review

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been lusting after the Rebecca Minkoff Love crossbody for months. It's a dead ringer for my dream designer bag, the Chanel boy, which is impossibly expensive and way out of my reach. At $295 the RM Love is still expensive but within the realms of possibility. Every month I waited for it to go on sale, but the price never dipped low enough and I was too miserly to blow an entire month's budget on it alone. Finally Amazon offered 30% off on the black one for Green Monday, which is the best deal I've seen to date on that color. I thought I would ask Engineer W to buy it for me as a Christmas present. Then I thought about it some more and decided that a) it's too expensive to be a gift, and b) it would be cheating to not account for it in my budget. So I ended up ordering it for myself and eagerly anticipated its arrival in the mail. Here it is, sitting in its cobalt blue dust bag.

Ta-da, the grand unveiling! This little bag is even more gorgeous in real life! It's structured without being rigid. The leather is supple and soft. Not only is the quilting on the front beautiful, it's also fun to press and feels like a cat's paw. The gold turnlock clasp with the Rebecca Minkoff stamp is a nice finishing touch.

The quilting continues along the top, and there are two rings on each side for the chain strap to slip through. There's also an external back slip pocket that is magnetically closed.

The inside of the bag is completely lined with a black and white patterned fabric. There are four interior pockets: one zip and three slip. Two of the slip pockets are along the front, and one is along the back.

Here's the side view. The bag bows inward along the side.

A view from the back. No quilting here, but there's another small gold Rebecca Minkoff stamp.

One thing I love about Rebecca Minkoff bags is their versatility. The straps are usually designed to be worn in a variety of ways. Here's a diagram showing how to turn this crossbody into a shoulder bag.

In fact, there are really three different ways to wear this. The first is my favorite: as a shoulder bag. The chain is doubled through, and the whole bag hangs slightly below my waist. This look is a little more dressy and could work for a night out on the town or even as an evening bag for more casual weddings.

The second way is as a crossbody. This is how I would wear it normally, with the bag hitting slightly below my hip. Easy and hands-free for walking around campus, running errands, and going shopping.

The third look is to simply wear the chain long and sling the bag over one shoulder. This is my least favorite way to wear it, because the chain is too long in this configuration and the bag keeps hitting me in the back of the leg. Could be okay for taller ladies though.

Overall, I'm very impressed by the RM Love crossbody. Aesthetically it's one of the most beautiful bags I've ever seen. It's also extremely functional. Whoever designed this put a great deal of thought into it. The size is perfect, fitting my bulky wallet, phone, and many other essentials. Surprisingly the bag isn't too heavy despite the sturdy chain strap. It feels like it would be comfortable to wear for many hours throughout the day. One minor gripe is that the chain does get twisted easily whenever the strap configuration is changed. It doesn't have swivel connections like my vintage Coach bag, so I have to pay extra attention to how I connect the straps. At this price point, it would be nice if there were swivel connections, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. Ultimately, this bag is beautiful and functional. I can see getting a lot of wear from it in the future.

What do you think about the Rebecca Minkoff Love crossbody? What's the most beautiful bag you've ever seen?


  1. :) It looks great on you!! I hope you enjoy your new baby lol.

    I don't know if I can pick one bag as the most beautiful because there are way too many lovely purses but I've lusted after a Chanel flap for so many years that it may be at the top.

  2. Thanks for the review! I am considering one too but can't decide on color. Like the dusty pink or gray. But is black or navy more versatile. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

    1. I got black, because it goes with everything. My second choice was grey. Really you can't go wrong with any of the colors since they're all lovely!

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