Friday, September 28, 2018

September 2018 Budget

I wanted to write a couple blog posts this month, but unfortunately I just couldn't find the time. All I ever do these days is sleep, work, and eat. On the bright side, my dissertation is coming along, and if everything continues to go smoothly, I should be done soon, so wish me luck!

Because I've been stressed but don't have the time to do anything else fun, I have slipped back into my old habit of stress shopping, and that definitely shows in my budget this month. In particular, I bought a lot of stuff from Nordstrom Rack during their Clear the Rack Sale (you get an additional discount on clearance items). I'm actually super pleased with my purchases. I think these pieces will transition well into fall/winter. Without further ado, let's take a look at my new wardrobe additions this month.

Rails plaid hunter shirt (indigo berry XS) via Nordstrom Rack - I love love love this super soft medium-weight plaid shirt (currently still full-price at Nordstrom). The online product image does not do it justice. I adore the color combination (grey/burgundy/white), which looks much more vivid in real life than the muted colors shown online. The color scheme would pair well with black, grey, blue, maroon, and white bottoms. The shirt is incredibly soft and drapey since it's made of rayon. Unfortunately, that also means it's going to be high-maintenance since rayon doesn't wash well in water. My plan is wear base layers whenever possible so I don't have to launder it as often (like I do with wool sweaters) and hand wash/flat dry whenever possible. Originally $158. Paid $38.10.

BP lace trim satin camisole (black XXS) - I wanted to buy this cami during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but it sold out early on. Later it popped back in just my size, so I took it as a sign that it was meant to be mine. The lace trim is pretty, and the cami isn't sheer in black, although I suspect a lighter color would be. I like that the strap length is adjustable. It does show a little cleavage (probably not appropriate for work), but it's not scandalously low-cut. I find the XXS a hair tight across the chest but not enough to size up (there's no stretch since it's 100% poly). Originally $35. Paid $38.12.

Cynthia Steffe Alicia jumpsuit (blue abyss 2) via Nordstrom Rack - I suspect that this jumpsuit might be made specifically for Nordstrom Rack, because I couldn't find it anywhere else online. This piece is totally out of my comfort zone and inconsistent with my usual style, but I love it! This is my first jumpsuit ever, and it's a little crazy between the print and the wide crop leg, but I've gotten so many compliments. I've already worn it a bunch of times, usually paired with a denim jacket and statement earrings. Glad I took a fashion risk here. Originally $268. Paid $28.56.

Madewell 10" high rise sateen skinny jeans (deep plum 25) via Nordstrom Rack - I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but these pants were another great Nordstrom Rack find. I was looking for a new pair of plum pants to replace my old faded ones, and also I've been interested in trying out the high waist silhouette. These fit both criteria. I know that Madewell sateen pants tend to stretch out over the course of the day, so hopefully 25 is the right size (in the past I sized up to 26 for the sateen pants, and they were saggy by the end of the day). I can envision putting together a ton of outfits with these pants, plus it goes well with the plaid shirt and lace cami that I bought this month. Originally $128. Paid $26.14.

Treasure & Bond Grant ankle boyfriend jeans (25) via Nordstrom Rack - Another first for me: boyfriend jeans. I've been curious about trying this trend for a while now (don't worry, I'm not giving up my skinny jeans anytime soon), but I couldn't find a pair that didn't look like baggy mom jeans and was also affordable. The denim material of these jeans is pretty substantial (99% cotton, 1% spandex) without being stiff. They're slouchy slim without being baggy. Best of all, they have super deep pockets (I hate those tiny half-pockets most women's pants have)! I can fit my entire phone in the front pocket. Is this what it's like to be a man?! I'm picturing myself wearing them with sneakers, loafers, and ankle boots next month. Originally $79. Paid $16.32.

Converse one star sneaker (white/gym red 6, also sold here) - I've been walking to school for the past couple months (about 25 minutes each way if I walk briskly), so I've been looking for comfortable commuting sneakers. I love the look of the original Converses, but they have zero support and wreck havoc on my flat feet. I was excited to find these Converse One Stars, which are made of leather rather than canvas and have a significantly more padded sole. They're actually comfortable! I love the surprise red bottoms, and the white leather goes with everything. I know some people worry about white shoes getting dirty, but I own two pairs of white sandals that still look fine after a couple seasons of wear. I found the sneakers to be true to size (the originals run large). Originally $75. Paid $48.98.

(not pictured) Everlane cotton v-neck (white S) - I bought this to replace an older white Everlane v-neck that got stained. I went a size up from my usual size XS, because I've put on a little bit of dissertation weight. Everlane sent me a $20 credit, so this tee was effectively free. Originally $15. Paid $0.

RETAIL: $758.00

TOTAL: $196.22 (25.9% of MSRP)

SUMMARY: During Q2, I spent $453.82. I spent $225.53 in July and $127.77 in August, so after this month, I am left with $346.66 for the rest of the year (an average of $115.55/month).


As I mentioned in last month's budget post, I've been getting really interested in skincare, especially Asian skincare. Some of the products I ordered last month turned out to be amazing and are now upgraded to holy grail status, while others have been lackluster. I am planning to do a full review as soon as I find some time. Also, I want to share my new skincare regimen at some point, which I find to be a relaxing self-care routine. This month I added a few more products to my arsenal, but I want to use them longer before I review them.

Missha time revolution the first intensive moist treatment essence - Originally $49. Paid $27.80.
COSRX low-pH good morning cleanser - Originally $11. Paid $8.87.
COSRX oil-free ultra moisturizing lotion - Originally $20. Paid $16.13.
Skinfood black sugar wash-off face mask - Originally $10. Paid $10.

RETAIL: $90.00

TOTAL: $62.80 (69.8% of MSRP)

How did you do on your budget this month?