Thursday, May 31, 2018

May 2018 Budget

My birthday was earlier this month, so I bought a couple things in honor of the occasion. This year I decided to treat myself to a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones (I've already used them a bunch, and they'll come in handy for future travel) and some outdoor climbing equipment. My boyfriend thoughtfully got me a bike computer, which I have had my eye on for ages, since I want to start cycling more seriously and better track my rides. Unfortunately, the weather's been really crappy lately, so we haven't been able to take it out for a spin yet, but hopefully that'll change soon. On the shopping front, I've been looking for a new everyday purse, because my Rebecca Minkoff one is starting to look a little too well-loved. I ordered a few possible contenders but haven't received them yet. Here are the other things I bought this month:

J.Crew open-front sweater-blazer (navy XXXS) - All the bloggers have been raving about this
sweater-blazer (check it out on Feather Factor and Elle Blogs) and with good reason. It's comfortable, casual, and just easy. It looks just as good over a tee as it does over a button-down or a simple dress. There are currently two different versions at J.Crew. Both have the same silhouette but are made of different materials. The one I have is merino wool, and the other one is a cotton/poly/wool blend. Both passed my hand-feel test, but the online reviews suggest that the non-merino one might pill more easily. I went down a size, and the fit is just right. I think I'll get plenty of wear even in the summer months, because the air conditioning in my office is always cranked way up. Originally $138. Paid $53.86.

J.Crew demi-fine 14K gold-plated short chain necklace (gold) - I bought this nautical wheel charm from J.Crew last month, and because it bothered me that the gold chain I already own isn't a perfect color match, I had to get this chain too. I think it's pretty when worn by itself or layered with a longer gold chain. Originally $50. Paid $12.30.

J.Crew 8" toothpick jean (Glendale wash 24) - These jeans are a surprise love! They were a pop-back that I ordered on a whim, because I need to replace a few pairs of old jeans, and the price was definitely right. They feature new "Perfecting Pockets" that flatten your stomach, and I'm a fan. They really do work. No muffin top for me, which is a problem that I have with other jeans. Also they don't stretch out by the end of the day! I could do without the unfinished hems, but I'm also not bothered by them. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more Perfecting Pockets in the future. Originally $125. Paid $24.64.

J.Crew chardonnay t-shirt (white wine XXS) - I bought this tee, because I'm a wine person (although I prefer red to white). J.Crew also makes this red wine tee, but it didn't fit me as well (slightly too short on my long torso). The words on this version are white while the body is light beige, which is a hard color to pair with bottoms in my opinion. Also I wish the crew neckline was a little lower, which would be more elongating on the neck. Overall I like the fit, which is slightly long and drapey, and I think I'll get plenty of wear out of it since I pretty much live in tees during the summer. Originally $36.50. Paid $13.95.

J.Crew tassel chain necklace (rose gold) - I had tried the gold version of this necklace when it first came out years ago, but decided not to buy it since I already own a few long gold necklaces. Then a couple weeks ago I saw this new rose gold color, and it immediately caught my fancy. I like rose gold better for certain outfits (for example, all white) since it's less flashy. The tassels are not adjustable, so keep that in mind. Originally $39.50. Paid $8.28.

J.Crew leather bow hair ties (gold red pink) - I picked up these hairties on a whim when they were on deep sale (see them on me in this post). Although they're not the best at keeping my hair in a tight ponytail since the elastic isn't stretchy enough, I like wearing them as wristbands, and it's nice that they don't leave a crease in my hair. Originally $14.50. Paid $2.73.

(Not pictured) Old Navy classic flip flops (white 6) - Every summer I pick up a pair of Old Navy flip flops that I wear to the pool and to the beach. They're super cheap, so I don't mind if they get destroyed by the end of the season. I usually get white even though they get dirty more easily, because they also don't get as hot in the sun. Originally $3.99. Paid $2.72.

(Not pictured) EGNT RFID blocking card case (navy/silver) via Amazon - I like really minimalist wallets and am always on the lookout for a slimmer design so that it tucks into my bag better. Last week I posted about this Mackage card case that caught my eye, but I thought it was a little too pricey at $40. Also it has a key chain that I don't need, and the color may get dirty easily. So I turned to Amazon for an alternate solution. Lo and behold, I found this dupe that suits my needs much better. It has 6 outer card slots and a center zip pocket for cash, coins, and cards you don't use often. Not a brand name, but I actually don't care about that for wallets. So far I like how functional it is! Originally $14.99. Paid $14.99.

RETAIL: $422.48
SPENT: $133.47 (31.6% of MSRP)

What did you pick up this month? What were your favorite purchases?


  1. I also have a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones and they are great!!! I travel long distance (>17hours) minimum of once a year and they have helped tremendously to block out airplane noise.

    For this month my favorite purchase was a pair of flared jeans from River Island. I usually have a hard time finding fitted pair of jeans but these are just good on the first try (ordered online). I'm so happy!

    1. My only regret is that I didn't get them sooner!

      It's so hard to shop for jeans in my opinion and especially online. Glad to know yours worked out!

    2. Sony has better NC than Bose now, but Bose has better sound quality and comfort IMO.

    3. I was debating between Sony and Bose but ultimately decided to go with Bose for just those reasons.

  2. The J.Crew Factory version of the open sweater blazer is pretty good (and the J.Crew one definitely looks better though, the design differences between the two definitely favor the J.Crew one). I like the Factory ones enough that I might also get one of the J.Crew ones, which is pretty weird, especially because I hate needing to get things dry cleaned, but I know from experience with the Factory one that it's a great item.

    The tassel necklace is nice!

    1. You know, I actually haven't tried the JCF version. I haven't been ordering much from them, because returns are such a hassle compared to J.Crew (I either have to drive really far away or pay $7.50 for return shipping). I only dry-clean my wool items occasionally, because I usually wear another layer underneath. Also I read somewhere that wool has natural antibacterial/antimicrobial properties, so it doesn't need as much cleaning as other materials, justifying my laziness!

  3. I recently ordered both a J.Crew and a JCF sweater blazer, haha! They seem like such great layers for unreasonable cold office conditions. I hardly order from J.Crew anymore since ours was converted to a factory store so really hoping that one works out, but the sizing seemed confusing! I ended up sizing down in the J.Crew blazer and taking my usual size in JCF...

    1. The J.Crew closest to me closed recently (bad sign for the business), but there's still a big store nearby. I don't know what I would do if that one closes too! Also, hope your sweater-blazer works out!